Cars & Trucks

We built this antique flathead dragster for a museum in Florida

We’ve built many of these Track T’s over the years

Built this out of a ’56 American Le France Firetruck

1936 Ford shop truck V-8 auto

This was just a body. Now 350 auto PS, PDB, custom paint & interior. We do it all.

We’ve built a lot of custom bikes, and 3 wheeler’s we are a dealer for Frankenstein trike kits

Built this crew cab Edsel-Ero out of a 1959¬†Edsel wagon. “Fun”

Built this ’68 Corvette convertible out of a converted Corvette station wagon

We are the only one’s building these front wheel drive car haulers. Been building them for over 33 years.

We build ’em now with tilt beds

This is what I do with VW’s

That’s all folks, thanks for watching, have a great day.