About Us

Something about us and our business

I’ve had a hot rod shop for over 53 years. Got my first car when I was 13, just something to work on. I’d been reading hot rod magazines and my Dad bought me a ’41 Ford for 8 dollars to shut me up. After about 3 weeks I finally got it running, sold it for $100 and bought 2 junkers to work on. I kept this up allthe way through high school back in the 60’s and 70’s people used to make fun of me messing with old cars, they used to say “F.E. Are you still messing with that old junk?’ (they don’t call it old junk any more). I ran a speed shop while going to high school. When I was 25 years old i started my first hot rod shop in 1968. Cars where cheep back then but wages was small. I remember buying a 59 Impala convertible that year a guy had driven back from California for $300 dollars, and the same year buying a nice 54 Corvette for $800 dollars. In 1972 I bought 2 nice 63 Corvette coupes, one for $600 and another one for $750 and a nice yellow 57 Chevy convertible for $750. Today cars are really high in price, mainly because of the number’s matching and histories of cars etc. that they have started. I see a lot of people investing in classic and hot rod muscle cars and making a lot more than 2 and a half percent interest on their money in the bank.

Anyway, we are a Southern family living in a small town Siloam Springs, Arkansas, (where i was born) we are a God fearing family, and love God and America. We have 4 boys and one daughter, 12 grand children, and 12 great grand kids, I have a wonderful wife, one brother and one sister. I’m 78 years young, and still work every day in my hot rod shop. I think that’s what keep’s me going. If you see a car on here you like we will try to make the best deal we can, and we also trade. It’s a great day in the Ozarks, so have a great day. Give us a call and we’ll make the best deal we can.

Thanks F.E. Bowling